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Number 3 Welsh Wing Parades

Throughout the Air Training Corps, Wing Parades and very special events to both take part in and be proud of.  They provide an opportunity for all the squadrons in the Wing to collectively unite and become one, which can have an impressive impact amongst its members and the general public alike.
They can be extremely difficult to arrange logistically, and for that reason alone perhaps are not as frequent as we would like, however, that's why when they do happen they are all the more special.
The last No 3 Welsh Wing Parade took place in Pembroke during September 2007, however 2010 will see a number of condensed Parades to commemorate 150 years of the Tri Services Cadet movement in this country.
The Air Training Corps will be celebrating its 70th anniversary during 2011, so as a Wing we very much look forward to our next big Parade
Past Wing Parades________________________________________________________________________________
  3WW Celebrate their 70th Anniversary in style
  Cadet 150 / 2010
Brecon Parade
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  Wing Parade 2007
Pembroke Castle
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Duke of Edinburgh
Adventure Training
Parade & Drill

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