Number 3 Welsh Wing Dining-in-Night 2012


Number 3 Welsh Wing Dining-In-Night - Village Hotel, Swansea____________________________________________

This year, Number 3 Welsh Wings Dining-In-Night was held at the Village Hotel, Swansea, with over 90 guests and members of 3 Welsh Wing in attendance. 

Other esteemed guests that attended include, AVM Brian Lucas (3WW President), Group Captain Dick Allen (Regional Commandant), Wg Cdr Les Keane (OC Merseyside Wing) and Wg Cdr Bob Wilson (Former OC 3WW).  The evening was a superb success with once again Sqn Ldr Mike Loving PMC (President of the Mess Committee) organising a fantastic venue.  He was even able to put his trusted gavel to good use!

Our guest speakers for the evening began with AVM Brian Lucas, whose funny speeches are will known for reducing the best of us into fits of laughter and tears of joy all at the same time. AVM Lucas also expressed his gratitude and thanks to the on-going support that volunteers (both civilian and uniformed) are giving the young people of today to achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

The second guest speaker of the evening was Group Captain Dick Allen, who also expressed his gratitude and sincere thanks to all volunteers for doing an outstanding job.  He also went on to talk about how change was indeed imminent within the organisation and how "we" as a Wing, Region and Corps would strive for the very best, ensuring that our cadets get the most out of the organisation that they can.
Our final speaker of the evening was Number 3 Welsh Wings recently appointed Wing Commander, Wg Cdr Mike Stones.  Wg Cdr Stones brought great news in his speech about the Wing being weeks away from purchasing a Land Rover, from which we will be able to tow our recruitment trailer throughout the Wing, showing what was as an organisation have to officer.  He also thanked the staff of the Wing for all of their efforts and concluded his speech with news that the new Land Rover will have its own personal number plate, "AC03 WWW".
We also celebrate the long and meritorious service of Rev Canon Islwyn Davies, who started as a Squadron Chaplain and later becoming commissioned, ending his uniformed service as OC 2227 (Mid Gwendraeth) Squadron.  In 2006 he tired from uniform and became the 3 Welsh Wing Chaplain, which he dutifully served until his retirement in 2012.


Sqn Ldr Mike Lovering PMC (President of the Mess Committee), who was responsible for all aspects of the evening's success.

AVM Brian Lucas giving one of his hilariously funny speeches Group Captain Dick Allen addressing the guests


Wg Cdr Mike Stones, Officer Commanding Number 3 Welsh Wing addresses audience


Overview very kindly provided by: CI Griffiths-Moses, No 3 Welsh Wing Webmaster
Pictures very kind supplied by: Wg Cdr Bob Wilson ret'd & Flt Lt Stuart Morgan ret'd
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