The Combined Cadet Force
Combined Cadet Force (RAF)__________________
The CCF (RAF) is based at 200 schools and colleges across the UK, where you can take part in our training and activities as part of your school life. You’ll develop your confidence, responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance, and sense of service to the community. These qualities are vital to your success in whatever you do when you leave school or university.
If your school has a CCF unit it may consist of one to three sections – Royal Navy (including Royal Marines), Army and of course the Royal Air Force. Your Head teacher has overall responsibility but as a cadet you are a very real part of the Service - CCF is a partnership between your school and the Ministry of Defence. The Services all provide resources and training expertise for each CCF unit, and the RAF is no exception.
Cadets meet once a week throughout term time, normally after school for one-and-a-half to two hours. In the school holidays you’ll also have the chance to attend annual camp at a RAF base to experience Service life up close.
Widen Your Horizons_____________________________________________________________________
Membership of the ATC or CCF (RAF) is exciting, rewarding and above all fun. You'll discover skills you never knew you had, do things and visit places you never thought you would, and meet lots of like-minded people who will become your team-mates and friends.
You’ll also have the opportunity to challenge yourself with adventurous training, be selected to represent your country or school on the International Air Cadet Exchange programme, or develop your potential on the Air Cadet Leadership Course. You can really shine as a cadet.
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