Olympic Honour for 215 (City of Swansea) Squadron and Dacre Brooch Winner SCWO S Flower

Honour for 215 Squadron________________________________________________________________
SCWO Sarah Flower Dacre Brooch being interviewed by the Olympic TV Network and Live on the Wave for handing over the first Olympic Torch for the City of Swansea Relay

215 (City of Swansea) Squadron had the honour of playing for the Olympic Torch Relay as it left Bracelet Bay at 7.00am on Sunday 27th May 2012 in front of 3500 spectators.

They also asked SCWO Flower, Dacre Brooch to hand over the first torch to the first runner of the day - what a huge honour as the band played - this was followed by a TV Interview and a live broadcast on the Wave by SCWO Flower.

SCWO Sarah Flower carries the Olympic Torch with pride
Images and Article kindly supplied by : Sqn Ldr P Flower, OC 215 (City of Swansea) Squadron
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