No. 3 Welsh Wing Complete 2012 International Nijmegen Marches

Success for 3 Wing______________________________________________________
Number 3 Welsh Wing Nijmegen Marching Team have recently returned from Nijmegen, Holland having complete the International Nijmegen Marches which accumulates 100 miles / 160 kilometres of walking over four days.  This year, Number 3 Welsh Wing finished the marches with all marchers receiving the famous Vierdaagse Nijmegen Medal.  This is one of the most challenging activities available to cadets other than the Junior Leaders course and challenges cadets both mentally and physically.
The team is headed by our Wing Marching Officer, Flt Lt "OZ!" Evans who collected his sixth year medal this year.  Training for the marches is arduous and starts in the November.  This enables the team to build on their strength and stamina to be able to walk the long distances.  The training is carried out by experienced staff that have taken part in the marches several times who work alongside Flt Lt Evans.
The training and the Nijmegen Marches are events not to be taken lightly.  They require commitment and dedication.  If you think you have what it takes and are able to spare one weekend a month for training, why not train with Number 3 Welsh Wing in preparation for the 2013 International Nijmegen Marches?
Congratulations to all of the 2012 Nijmegen Team, you have all obtained a remarkable achievement and should be proud of yourselves!

The Nijmegen International Four Days Marches (or Vierdaagse) is the largest marching event in the world. The city of Nijmegen, in the Netherlands, hosts the marches which attracts approximately 45,000 participants each year. Of this number approximately 5,000 entrants are military personnel.

Entry in the Marches must not be undertaken lightly. Many months of arduous training are necessary for successful participation. Each team is required to march 40 km (25 miles), per day for each of 4 consecutive days, culminating in the ‘March Past’ on the final day.

Training for the 2013 97th Nijmegen International 4-Day Marches and the 32nd RAF 2-Day Marches will start on the weekend of 09 to 10 Nov 12 (end Saturday evening due to Remembrance). This event is open to all interested staff and cadets who wish to take part in the Nijmegen Marches or the RAF 2-Day Marches. HQAC has set the following minimum age restrictions for cadets taking part in the Nijmegen Marches: cadets must be 16 years old on the 12 Jul 13 (proof of age required). Cadets who are 15 years old by the 11 Jul 13 may join the team and take part in the RAF 2-Day Marches only. Volunteer staff are also required to assist with the training weekends. Staff will be needed to assist in the kitchen, prepare food or drive the minibus and act as safety cover for the Marching

Due to the arduous nature and training required for these events NO staff or cadets will be allowed to join the team after the December training weekend. For further information and Joining Instructions please contact Fg Off Evans, Wing Organised Marches Officer, by email using the following address:  Further information about the Wing’s participation in the Nijmegen Marches can be found here:  All staff and cadets require their squadron commander’s permission to attend. 


1.      FS          Thomas Page           293   (1)

2.      Sgt         Menna Morgan         334   (1)

3.      Sgt         Gareth Davies          621   (1)

4.      Sgt         Jordan Saddler                  (1)

5.      Sgt         Alex James               1358 (1)

6.      Cdt         Scott Miller                         (1)

7.      SSgt       Mike John                 1092 (3)

8.      Cdt         Christopher Jones             (1)

9.      Cdt         Ieuan Potts                        (1)

10.   FS          Callum Goodridge    1429 (2)

11.   Sgt         Callum Wreford                  (1)

12.   Cpl         Toby Taylor                        (2)

13.   SFS      Dylan Evans             2227 (2)

14.   Cpl        Kevin Burridge        2318 (2)

15.   Cpl        Thomas Enos                    (2)

16.   Cpl        Fraser Young                     (1)

17.   SCpl      William Spriggs       2347 (1)

18.   SCWO   Jessica Tozer          2475 (1)

19.   FS         Brandon Brain                   (1)

20.   SFS      Jennifer Mott                     (1)

21.   Flt Lt     Chris “OZ!” Evans    1358   (7)



The number in brackets shows the number of completed Nijmegen Marches.

Article and Images kindly supplied by : Flt C Evans - OC 1358 (Pontardawe) Squadron
Article kindly supplied by: CI A Griffiths-Moses - Webmaster
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