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The Nijmegen Marches takes place in the Netherlands during July each year and always starts on the third Tuesday of the month.  This high-profile international event organised by the Royal Dutch League for Physical Culture (KNBLO) and the Dutch military and is recognised as an official Air Training Corps (ATC) activity.  Every year No 3 Welsh Wing will send teams of cadets to take part in the marches.
Entry to the Marches must not be undertaken lightly. Many months of arduous training are necessary for successful completion of the marches.  Each team member is required to march 40 km (25 miles), per day for each of 4 consecutive days, culminating in the ‘March Past’ on the final day.   Approximately 11 hours per day are allowed to complete each day’s march with the starting time between 0430 hrs and 0600 hrs daily and teams must have completed the days march by 1700 hrs.  Male military marches who are aged between 19 and 49 years of age on the year that they march must carry 10kg of “ballast” in their bergen while they are marching.

The marches continue to be very popular, so much so that the numbers of participants have to be capped at 40,000 civilian and 5000 military marchers.  The British Forces are the largest foreign military contingent with normally over 800 service and cadet forces personnel participating with a further 100 acting as support on route and at Kamp Heumensoord.  Each ATC team are an integral part of the RAF Element of the British Military Contingent (BMC).

Entry to the marches must not be under taken lightly, on average 10% for marchers and 16% for first timers fail to complete the marchers every year.  Training for the Marches starts in November on the weekend after remembrance Sunday and will take place once a month until the marches are completed in July.  Team members will take part in a progressive training schedule that will build up their fitness, toughen their feet and get them used to march long distances that will enable cadets to successfully complete the marches.  Also all Marches who will be apart of the British Military Contingent will have to qualify to take part in the Nijmegen marches they will have to complete a 2 day 80 Km march. No 3 Welsh wing will use the RAF 2 Day Marches to qualify to represent the ATC in Nijmegen.
Due to the arduous nature of this event, Headquarters Air Cadets has place an age limit of cadet participants, Cadets have to be 16 years and over on the Friday before the start of the Nijmegen marches to be eligible to take part.
For further information please contact the Wing Organised Marches Officer, details are available in the wing location list or Wing Routine Orders in September and October.

Overview and pictures very kindly supplied by : Flt Lt C Evans OC 1358 (Pontardawe) Squadron / Number 3 Welsh Wing Nijmegen Officer.

Nijmegen Marches 2013__________________________________________________________________________

Training for the 2013 97th Nijmegen International 4-Day Marches and the 32nd RAF 2-Day Marches will start on the weekend of 09 to 10 Nov 12 (end Saturday evening due to Remembrance). This event is open to all interested staff and cadets who wish to take part in the Nijmegen Marches or the RAF 2-Day Marches. HQAC has set the following minimum age restrictions for cadets taking part in the Nijmegen Marches: cadets must be 16 years old on the 12 Jul 13 (proof of age required). Cadets who are 15 years old by the 11 Jul 13 may join the team and take part in the RAF 2-Day Marches only. Volunteer staff are also required to assist with the training weekends. Staff will be needed to assist in the kitchen, prepare food or drive the minibus and act as safety cover for the Marching

Due to the arduous nature and training required for these events NO staff or cadets will be allowed to join the team after the December training weekend. For further information and Joining Instructions please contact Fg Off Evans, Wing Organised Marches Officer, by email using the following address:  Further information about the Wing’s participation in the Nijmegen Marches can be found here:  All staff and cadets require their squadron commander’s permission to attend. 

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