Staff Cadet Warrant Officer Nico Fitzgibbon

SCWO Nico Fitzgibbon_____________________________________________________________________

SCWO Nico Fitzgibbon

Promotions are rife in Kenfig Hill ATC. A few weeks ago it was reported that six of the cadets had sat promotion boards and are on a three month probation period. Now another cadet has risen in the ranks to Instructor Staff Cadet Warrant Officer.  Nico Fitzgibbon joined the ATC in August 2007 and since then has taken part in many of the aspects offered by the Squadron and the Air Cadet Organisation.

The highest cadet rank is offered to those over the age of 18 and with exceptional commitment to the organisation.  It is an appointment on recommendation from the Squadron Commander approved by the Wing Commander and appointed by Headquarters Air Cadets.  

There are only up to 24 Cadet Warrant Officers in No3 Welsh Wing so as you can imagine Nico Fitzgibbon was delighted to receive this appointment. With the appointment comes an added responsibility as Cadet Warrant Officers are frequently seen as an addition to the staff team of the Squadron.

At the moment SCWO Fitzgibbon is currently looking forward to taking part in Operation Felix later this year which is an overseas camp to Gibraltar to take part in a PADI diving course for the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations.


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