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OC 3WW has recently appointed a new webmaster, after the website had been left without supervision for more than six months and since his appointment two weeks ago, CI Aled Griffiths-Moses, has breathed new life into the site.

Aled is well known within 3 Welsh Wing, having recently retired as one of the Wing’s most successful CWO and is now in the process of attaining his commission into the RAFVR(T), having attended the Wing’s first ‘Boot Camp’ in November 2011 and successfully passing his ‘SIFT’ interview.

He is currently waiting for his two day selection course at RAFC Cranwell. As a cadet, he was instrumental in putting the current 3 Welsh Wing recruiting video together.


During his long and meritorious service as a cadet, he achieved the following honours and awards:

o    Nijmegen Marches (4 times)

o    Wales & The West Representative at the opening ceremony of the Nijmegen Marches.

o    RAFA 2 Day WARMA Marches (5 times)

o    International Air Cadet Exchange 2008 (Oklahoma)

o    Air Commandants Commendation for Good Service

o    Bronze, Silver & Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

o    Silver Gliding Wings

o    Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Scholarship

o    Private Pilot (NPPL)

o    Accredited Drum Major under the Royal Corps of Drummers

o    Numerous camps at RAF Waddington, Digby, Cosford, Benson & JHQ Rheindahlen

o    London & Liverpool Lord Mayors Show (2006, 2007 & 2008) (Band)

o    Her Royal Highness the Queens Guard of Honour (South Hook LNG Terminal Opening)

o    Now undertaking the BEL Level 3 Award

o    Part of the No.3 Welsh Wing Project Team


He is a member of 621 (Carmarthen) Squadron staff, where he holds the roles of Training Officer and Media Communications Officer and he is currently finishing off his BSc (Hons) Degree in Information Communication Technology at the University of Glamorgan.

His hobbies outside the ATC include flying, photography, walking, mountaineering and travel.

OC 3WW has also asked Wg Cdr RJ Wilson RET to be the 3WW Deputy Webmaster, which he gratefully accepted.



Article kindly supplied by: Wg Cdr R.J. Wilson RAF VR(T) ret'd

Image kindly supplied by: Mr A. Griffiths-Moses 621 (Carmarthen) Squadron


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