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Lindsay Thomas is the Media & Comms Officer for 2117 (Kenfig Hill) Squadron, a unit located in an economically challenged area of the former south Wales coalfield. Her energy and reliability has made 2117 squadron’s activities the benchmark of community youth activity in the wider area. She offers the limited local press and local radio a weekly offering of squadron activities complete with photographs to the point that 2117 is close to a permanent item in one or other of the two local papers.

Critically, her efforts are submitted almost always within 24 hours of the event itself and she has developed an excellent relationship with the local editorial teams. She capitalises on each community event and is alive to stories which show the ACO in a positive manner. She attends a wide range of community events and as with squadron charity efforts, provides support to village fun days, fetes and similar constantly engages all sections of community - from councilors to potential cadets. She is extremely proactive and is now seeking to develop a relationship with the local community schools with a view to assisting with 2117 squadron’s ongoing recruitment drive.


Award Information kindly supplied by: Wing Commander Wilson Ret'd

Photographs by: Flt Lt S Morgan Ret'd (Deputy Wg MCO)

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