Kenfig Hill Cadets Collect For RAFA

Collection for the Royal Air Force Association Appeal________________________________________________

Kenfig Hill RAF Air Cadets were out in force across the borough on the weekend of 15th & 16th September in Bridgend, Pyle and Porthcawl collecting for this year’s RAFA Wings Appeal on behalf of Porthcawl and Kenfig Hill Branch. 

Cadets from Kenfig Hill joined cadets and staff from 2347 (Porthcawl) Squadron RAF Air Cadets in a street collection in the main shopping centre of Porthcawl on the Saturday.  On the same weekend cadets from Kenfig Hill were carrying out a door collection at Tesco Bridgend and the Co-op in Pyle.  So, no matter where you did your shopping over the weekend you would have seen the cadets, and if you were one of the many shoppers who donated we would like to say thank you on behalf of RAFA.

Sgt Kevin Gould was in charge of the cadets in Tesco and he said although it seemed to be a quiet weekend many of the cadets were able to fill two of the collecting cans each.  Sgt Jeff Evans was in charge of the cadets in Pyle on the Saturday whilst Sgt Richard Peckham was in Porthcawl on the Saturday and then in the Co-op in Pyle on the Sunday.


Overview and pictures kindly supplied by: Mrs Lindsay Thomas - Secretary Civilian Committee (2117 Sqn)

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