A High Flying Start To The New Year For SCWO Jacob McNicol

Its Gold For Jacob___________________________________________________________________________________

One of Number 3 Welsh Wing's most recently appointed Staff Cadet Warrant Officers is flying high with success, having just achieved his gold gliding brevet. 

AGT or Advanced Glider Training is the third step you can embark on in Cadet Glider training. Each Cadet will start by doing GIC 1, 2 and 3. Once you are sixteen years of age, you can apply for your GS (Gliding Scholarship). By the end of your GS, you can either achieve Blue (Ghosted Solo) or Silver wings (Solo). If you achieve Silver wings and show true potential, you could be selected for AGT.  Each year, only two Cadets get selected in Number 3 Welsh Wing.  The AGT course prepares you for your future time on the Volunteer Gliding Squadron, as well as a greater understanding of the aircraft and advanced handling techniques.  You have to improve your upper air skill as well as advanced turns, where you bank up to 45 degrees.  Advanced landings are also an element of the on-going training, where you are taught to land in a crosswind and how to achieve the best rate of decent for pin point accurate and safe landings.

SCWO McNicol of 948 (Haverfordwest & City of St.Davids) Squadron said: “Personally my AGT took me just over 6 hours with the upper air work.  I would have been just hitting the five hour mark if it was not for adverse weather conditions getting in the way. I really enjoyed completing my AGT and have always had a passion for flying. After completing my GS and getting my Silver wings, I was delighted when I found out I had been invited back to undertake by AGT, it was a great feeling! In the future, I hope to be able to carry on expanding my knowledge and skill in aviation by hopefully getting a Flying Scholarship and hopefully being asked back as a permanent FSC (Flight Staff Cadet) at 636 (Swansea) Volunteer Gliding Squadron.”


SCWO Jacob McNicol recieving certificate and brevet from Flt Lt S Pinching RAF VR(T)
Article kindly supplied by: SGT (ATC) A Griffiths-Moses - Wing Webmaster
Images kindly supplied by: SCWO Jacob McNicol - 948 (Haverfordwest & City of St.Davids) Squadron
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