Flying in The Air Training Corps

Cadets in the Air Training Corps are given the chance to fly free of charge in a variety of Royal Air Force, other military and civil aircraft during their cadet career.
Regular flying in the Tutor however is known as Air Experience Flying, and is provided by units called Air Experience Flight's (AEF's) located at airfields throughout the UK.  Number 3 Welsh Wing fly from Number 1 AEF which is located at RAF St Athan.
Flying can commence as soon as you become an enrolled cadet at your local Squadron, however you have to be at least 13 and 3 months to be eligible to fly.
Just before your flight you will be given a brief and shown a short DVD on safety, after which you'll be kitted out in a flying suit, parachute and LSJ (life-saving jacket)
You will then be introduced to your pilot, who will have a chat with you whilst being strapped into the aircraft.
When flying an AEF sortie cadets generally have the choice of what they would like to cover, however during a typical AEF flight a cadet can usually:
  • Be shown how the flying controls work and what effect they have on the aircraft
  • Take control of the aircraft practicing turns, climbing and descending.
  • Be shown how the aircraft instruments work and how to read them correctly
  • Fly aerobatics, such as loop-the-loops, barrel rolls and more.
Whatever you decide to do on the day, you'll have a fun sortie (flight) and learn something new every time you fly!

As soon as you're airborne, you will get a chance to fly the aircraft yourself, under the expert guidance of some of the very best pilots in the world.
The sortie (flight) will generally last for about 30 minutes, and the smiling face will usually speak volumes when you've landed!
Number 3 Welsh Wing operates out of Number 1 AEF (University of Wales Air Squadron), who fly the Grob Tutor T1.
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