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If your a fan of aviation action and adventure, love sports and getting to know people, then you're in the right place!
Every year nearly 60,000 air cadets and volunteer staff take part in exciting events all over the country, and there are 24 Squadrons in Number 3 Welsh Wing where you can get involved.  A full list can be found » here
Don't worry about taking that very first step, the chances are you may very well know someone there, but if not - you'll soon fit in....
There are a wide range of activities for you to explore, but some of the core activities are illustrated below.  They're not all compulsory so don't think that you have to do all of them, but we find that cadets rarely give up the chance to give them a go!

There are plenty of opportunities for cadets to experience flying. The Grob 115E (pictured left) is known by the RAF as the Tutor, and is used for elementary flying training.
Cadets attending annual camp will sometimes also get an opportunity to fly in an RAF helicopter or fast jet.
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There are two types of gliders used by the Air Training Corps.  The Vigilant T1 Motor Glider (pictured right), and the Viking T1 are both used to give basic flying and gliding training to cadets.
Cadets who show an aptitude and desire for flying, are positively encouraged to attend a local volunteer gliding squadron (VGS), where they are trained to fly them to solo standard.
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Whatever level you are as a cadet, you'll have the opportunity to try your hand at military skills and drills.
That means rifle shooting and field craft.   Marksmanship goes a long way back in the history of Air Cadets and is one of our most popular activities.
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Adventure Training
There are a wide rage of adventure training activities in the Air Training Corps, and countless venues throughout the country (and abroad) where they are enjoyed.  This activity is where The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme makes such a valuable contribution, by setting and maintaining the highest standards of safety and success.
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Duke of Edinburgh Award
You may of heard of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (D of E), but don't know what it is or whether it's for you?  Well, it's for everyone who likes a challenge.  A Bronze D of E programme has 4 sections, Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition, and you have to be a minimum of 14 years of age to start the scheme.
Number 3 Welsh Wing have dedicated officers who provide first class guidance and training in The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
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