Dodge Ball 1054  vs. 2227 Squadron - 21st February 2012

Dodge Ball 1054  vs. 2227 Squadron_____________________________________________

History is littered with great sporting clashes that are talked about with reverence, as in rugby with the  Baa Baas v New Zealand (1973), football with Brazil v Italy (1982), Super Bowl XXV game between the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills (1990), the classic encounter between sisters, Venus & Serena Williams (2001) but all of these are nothing compared to the Dodge Ball game between 1054 (Llanelli) and 2227 (Mid Gwendreath) Squadrons, when they pounded each other for a full hour at the Llanelli Leisure Centre to decide the winners of this classic encounter.


Despite 1054 Squadron’s home advantage, they were pushed back dramatically by the skill and accuracy of the visitors in the first game, with poor Cdt Jaya Rees (1054) being the last man standing for his Squadron, as he faced six superb players from 2227 Sqn, who eventually (after 5 minutes) managed to get him out. As both teams huddled for words of inspiration from their coaches, you could see the inspiration and the perspiration mix together, as both teams flew out of the starting blocks for the second game.

There were moves demonstrated in this match that would have caught out some of the greatest sportsmen and women, as the ball was thrown as though their lives depended on it. At times it was hard to see where the ball was, as it seemed to be thrown at lightning speed and it became a blur whizzing across the court.


Dodge Ball is a great spectator and participant sport, as it has drama, action and the odd bit of cheating.

Above - The last man standing - Cdt Jaya Ress (1054) Squadron

Above - Right back at you!

Above - Goading the opposition

Above - Here comes the ball

Above - In Sterio


Article and Pictures kindly supplied by: Wg Cdr R.J. Wilson RAF VR(T) ret'd

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