Number 3 Welsh Wing Climbing

Indoor and Outdoor Climbing______________________
If you have a head for heights, climbing can be incredibly rewarding, just ask anyone who's tried it. It's not just a physical challenge but one where concentration and judgment are equally important. Teamwork is also key as you rely on others and they rely on you. All cadet climbing is supervised by professionally qualified instructors, so you're in safe hands
Get a Grip_____________________________________
Get over the initial aching muscles and you'll find you can ascend quicker and navigate obstacles and overhangs with ease. A few squadrons even have their own climbing walls where you can get a taste for. Then put your new skills to the test - many squadrons go on regular climbing trips. That's where you get a real sense of achievement - sitting on top of a sheer wall of rock that you and your friends have climbed through your own effort and by working together.
Climbing Activities__________________________________________________________________________________________
  Indoor Climbing Course 2009
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MLT Climbing 2010
Duke of Edinburgh
Adventure Training
Parade & Drill

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