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Number 3 Welsh Wing's Civilian Committee

Useful Air Cadet Publications_________________________________________________________________________
Guide A Guide for Air Training Corps Honorary Treasurers
ACP 10 Administration of Air Training Corps Public and Non-Public Funds
Form 60  FORM 60 
ACP 11 Administration of Civilian Committees in The Air Training Corps
ACP 300 Air Cadet Finance Instructions - Civilian Members Allowances and Expenses
ACP 1 Ethos Core Values and Standards in The Air Cadet Organisation
Wing Executive Committee and AGM Meetings 2012_____________________________________________________
2nd April 2012 RAFA Club at Neath - Commencing 19:00hrs
3rd September 2012 RAFA Club at Neath - Commencing 19:00hrs
12th November 2012 RAFA Club at Neath - Commencing 19:00hrs
13th January 2013 - AGM and Committee Training No.3 Welsh Wing HQ Swansea
Wing Civilian Committee____________________________________________________________________________

The role of the Wing civilian committee is to support the uniformed side of the Wing and provide funding for additional activities. The committee does not have any executive authority, although the Wing Committee Chairman works closely with the Wing Commander and other uniformed staff to assist in the running of the Wing.

Whilst many of its activities do mirror civilian committees at Squadron level, the Wing Committee focuses on strategic Wing objectives and supporting approved wing representative Wing activities that Wing organises for the cadets from all Squadrons in the Wing.

The Royal Air Force funds key activities such as flying, gliding and shooting. These activities are deemed to be funded by ‘public funds’. Many of the other activities cadets engage in are financed by ‘non public funds’, it is here that the Wing Civilian Committee both administers subsidies paid by Squadrons and also engages in fundraising for equipment/projects/activities that benefit all cadets in the Wing.

The Wing committee also works to support Squadron civilian committees and also provides support in areas such as cadet recruitment.   

Membership of the committee is made up of civilians who wish to support the Wing. These members may or may not have other direct links with individual Squadrons.

Wing Chairman___________________________________________________________________________________

The Wing Chairman role includes supporting Squadron level civilian committees in No 3 (Welsh) Wing. The Chairman deals with questions and issues from the Squadron committees as they arise and Squadron Civilian Committee staff also attend annual Wing AGM meetings.

The Wing Chairman also provides a vital link between the Squadron civilian committees and the uniformed staff of the Wing, especially the Wing Commander. In addition the Chairman works with the Wing uniformed staff in areas such as strategy and development.

The Chairman attends many meetings to do with Wing business and also attends the Regional Council Meeting (RACC) twice a year with other Wing Chairs and represents No 3 (Welsh) Wing in this capacity.


The Wing civilian committee Treasurer records and manages all ‘non public’ monies that come into the Wing. These include fundraising monies, subsidies paid by Squadrons as well as external grants or funding that the Wing applies for. The Treasurer is also a member of the Wing Executive Committee.


The Wing Secretary role is to prepare agendas, record minutes and support the Wing Chairman in a range of administrative duties. The Secretary also serves as a member of the Wing Executive Committee.

Executive Members_______________________________________________________________________________

The Wing Executive Committee is made up of the officers above as well as other members who have specific duties such as fundraising.

Overview very kindly supplied by : Mr. Jonathan Smart  
The venue for all our Exec Meetings is the RAFA Club at Neath commencing at 19:00hrs
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