Number 3 Welsh Wing Cadets and Staff Tackle Largest Air Cadet Camp at RIAT 2012

Royal International Air Tattoo 2012_____________________________________  __________________ 

The RIAT Air Cadet Camp is the biggest single Air Cadet Organization calendar annual function. It fulfils many of the aims of the Air Training Corps and provides cadets with a first class opportunity to participate in one of the largest military air shows in the world.

The Cadets make up the largest single contingent of volunteers. The cadets help out everywhere from admissions, company enclosures and grandstands to the main arena, aircrew flight centre, assembly of volunteers packed lunches and crowd line control this being just a small example of the tasks that cadets assist with. They get unprecedented access to a very wide variety of aircraft.

Cadets are accommodated on a large campsite in 20x20 tents and just like any annual camp they are provided with hot meals from the Junior Ranks Mess, and at RIAT I can assure you this is a high standard of food despite the fact the chefs are feeding the thousands! I mean this literally roughly 4000 volunteers of which this year 600+ Air Cadets and Staff formed a major part. Cadets from 3WW this year had the chance to climb in and around various aircraft ranging from The Osprey to the much loved Vulcan.

They also had the chance to watch the B2 fly this an opportunity that the public attending the air show did not get to experience as it was only providing a static display!

This year a team of 10 cadets formed part of a specialist team led by Flt Lt Jon Evans (W&W). The team was responsible for the air cadet recruitment area, the ACE platform and various media communications and public relations tasks.

The supervising staff of the No 3 WW contingent at RIAT was made up of Plt Off Rhys Thomas 293 (Cowbridge) Sqn, FS (ATC) Ian Holt 1358 (Pontadawe) Sqn, Sgt (ATC) Kevin Gould 2117 (Kenfig Hill) Squadron and CI Neil Carter 1092 (Bridgend) Sqn.

A very busy but fun week was had by all! All cadets worked very hard and have done their units and their wing proud! Every year the twelve highest-performing RIAT first-timers under 15 years of age are selected for the coveted “Red Sparrows” Award, two cadets from Number 3WW were selected for this award Cdt Jack Anstee 1092 Sqn and Cdt Ross Waters 2347 Sqn.

Number 3 Welsh Wing will be bidding for places to attend RIAT 2013, in order for this to happen staff volunteers from the within the Wing shall need to let themselves be known when the initial calling notice comes out, places are allocated on a cadet to staff ratio of 5:1. You may wish to speak with Plt Off Rhys Thomas for further information on staff and cadet participation at RIAT. Email:

Cadets in attendance:
293 (Cowbridge) Squadron 1998 (West Cross) Squadron

Cdt Rhodri Nicholson-Lewis

Cdt Phillip Hawkins

Cdt Warren Ryland

Cdt Ryan Britten

Cdt Ieuan Norris

Cdt Cpl Luke Seacombe

Cdt Anisha-Marie Chatfield

Cdt Cpl Daniel Parker

Cdt Sgt Patrick Croysdale

Cdt FS Ben Pannett,

1092 (Bridgend) Squadron 2117 (Kenfig Hill) Squadron

Cdt Joshua Howe

Cdt Alesha Davies

Cdt Morgan Ives-Ellis

Cdt Cpl Jordan Norris

Cdt Jamie Jones

Cdt Sgt Jordan Aston

Cdt Jack Anstee


Cdt Cameron Auden


Cdt Cpl William Edwards


Cdt Cpl Adam Auden

2347 (Porthcawl) Squadron 1358 (Pontardawe) Squadron

Cdt Matthew Evans

Cdt FS Sabina Tuckett

Cdt Ross Waters


Front Row L-R: Cdt Anstee 1092, Plt Off Thomas 293, CI Carter 1092, Fg Off Grace ex 1429, Cdt Waters 2347.

Centre Row L-R: Cdt Howe 1092, Cdt Norris 293, Cdt Cpl Edwards 1092, Cdt Cdt Ryland 293, Cdt Jones 1092, Cdt Nicholson-Lewis 293, Cdt Ives-Ellis 1092.

Rear Row L-R: Cdt FS Pannett 1998, Cdt Britten 1998, Cdt Cpl Auden 1092, Cdt Sgt Croysdale 293, Cdt Cpl Auden 1092, Cdt Evans 2347, Cdt Cpl Parker 1998, Cdt Cpl Seacombe.


Overview and pictures kindly supplied by: Plt Off Rhys Thomas - 293 (Cowbridge) Squadron

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