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As it has been the subject of some recent discussion, the number of camps available to cadets is diminishing. Sometimes camps are offered at short notice and insufficient staff are forthcoming because of the inability to secure leave at short notice. An official RAF-sponsored ACO camp is held each year either side of the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) at RAF Fairford. Quite simply, RIAT is the best Military Airshow in the world. If sufficient staff can be found, it is Wing HQ's intention to investigate the possibility of bidding for 45 cadet places. We will, however, have to find 8 members of staff officers, SNCOs or CIs who will need to be present at the camp from Wednesday, 17 July to Tuesday, 23 July 2013. Time at the camp is spent preparing for the Airshow Cadets will help out everywhere from company enclosures, aircrew flight centre, assembly of volunteer packed lunches and crowd control, this being just a small example of the tasks cadets may assist with. They get unprecedented access to a wide variety of aircraft and spectacular rehearsals. This camp is unique in counting as either a blue camp or a green camp for promotion to FS purposes. Pay is admissible to eligible personnel. For this opportunity to be opened to WHQ we need the staff volunteers! Staff interested in attending RIAT are asked to register their interest with Plt Off Rhys Thomas via before 18 Nov 12. A trawl for cadets will be made dependent on staff response. If we can't find sufficient staff this will create a missed opportunity for cadets.

Article and Image kindly supplied by : Plt Off Rhys Thomas - 293 (Cowbridge) Squadron

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