Commandant Air Cadets Visits 334 (Neath) Squadron

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In February, SCWO Charlotte Jones attended her last (as a cadet) Band Camp and RAFC Cranwell. A visitor to that camp was Commandant Air Cadets (CAC) Air Commodore Dawn McAfferty.

CAC conducted a Q&A session with the cadets, where SCWO Jones invited CAC to visit 334.  This visit, the first to a squadron HQ in Wales, took place on Friday 07 Jun 2013.

CAC made it plain that she wanted (A) as normal a night as possible, and (B) to meet as many of the cadets as possible.

During her visit CAC saw and took part in classes on First Aid and Map Reading, watched shooting coaching on a 25m indoor range, and tried her hand at Archery.

CAC took time to speak with most cadets and did a very informal Q&A session during the cadet’s break.

During the final parade, where 42 cadets from 334 & 334DF were on parade, CAC presented FS Jack Stanton with a Wing Commanders Commendation, promoted to Corporal, Rhys Williams and Morgan Williams; and to Flight Sgt, Menna Morgan and Alex Street. CAC’s final act was to present 3WW’s newest officer. Plt Off Mark Thomas with his latter of appointment.

An amazing experience for all staff and cadets of 334, a high point of an OC’s career.

A selection of photos can be found below.  If you wish to see the full gallery of images, please click here

Overview kindly supplied by : Flt Lt J Thomas RAF VR(T) - Officer Commanding 334 (Neath) Squadron
Images kindly supplied by : SGT (ATC) Darrell Shand

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