No 3 Welsh Wing SNCO Conference / Training Weekend - RAF Pembrey Sands

SNCO & Conference Weekend_____________________________________________________________________
Back Row: FSGT Ian Holt (360) , WO Mike Davies (621) , CI Osion Frobisher (360), SGT Tom Jenkins (1998), WWO Shaw Durman (2426), SGT Adam Burman (2426), SGT Kevin Gould (2117), CI Mark Brittle (215), SGT Jane Sanders (621)

Front Row: SCWO Liam Rose (2318), SGT Ann Brady (2227), SGT Chris Evans (1054)

On 15th - 17thth June 3 welsh Wing held its first SNCO conference, led by Warrant Officer Shaw Durman, Wing Warrant Officer, at RAF Pembrey Sands. The objectives of the weekend were to:-

- Introduce the changes that in Drill that have appeared with the introduction of AP 818
- Give all attending Staff the opportunity of practicing the new Drill
- Update the SNCO's on the new Wing policies
- Introduce the interim changes to uniform regulations, pending issue of AP1358C
- Update the changes to SNCO promotion policy
- Show the minutes from the CACWO conference
- Allow the SNCO's to begin networking towards the benefit of the whole wing.

The Friday night was a simple meet and greet for the group to get to know each other and sort out their accommodation and rooms. Due to the geographic spread of the Wing, it would not have been possible to run the event on one day.

The main focus on Saturday morning was to bring everybody up to date on AP 818 which is now a Corps policy so that all those who attended could return to their Squadrons and bring the cadet drill up to date and standardized across 3 Welsh Wing.

WWO Durman also handed out aid memoire sheets to help the SNCO's when they are on Squadron. After just a few attempts, despite the high wind and light showers, all the SNCOS had got to grips with the new AP818.

Saturday afternoon started with a brief on the relevant points from the CACWO conference lead by WWO Durman. Along with this he outlined his ethos on what he will be looking for from the SNCO's in 3WW in the future.

Sgt Ann Brady took over with a presentation on the interim dress regulations given at the CACWO and Regional Warrant Officers Conference earlier this year, to bring everybody up to date on new regs for All members of the ACO.

On the Sunday morning Flt Sgt Ian Holt took to the floor to lead the group through a Lecture on the new SNCO's Promotions policy to Sergeant, Flight Sergeant and Warrant Officer with candidates for promotion now having to achieve a minimum standard at their current rank before they can progress on to the next rank.

Sqn Ldr Gerry Lewis arrived on Saturday evening with Fg Off Liam Brace arriving Sunday morning to see how the conference was going and to update those in attendance with changes happening at wing level so that the SNCO's are prepared to help facilitate these changes when they return to their squadrons.

There was also an open forum (relevant to SNCO and Cdt changes) in order to discuss the best way the SNCO's can help on their squadrons to drive the wing forward in accordance to all the subjects that we raised over the weekend.

The weekend was catered for by WO Mike Davies, Sgt Jane Sanders along with Cdt Sgt Gareth Davies, and Cdt Scott Lewis. The food that they prepared was to the highest standards all weekend with everybody fully enjoying every meal and desert.

The weekend provided a vital social element so that SNCO's can share experience and knowledge of forthcoming events, this will allow them to start networking with each other so that the cadets can benefit from more events, several discussions bore fruit and plans were discussed to provide a better SNCO service to the Cadets and the Wing.

A report to the Wing Commander will be given by both WWO Durman and Sqn Ldr Lewis about the weekend and the success of 3 Welsh Wing's first SNCO conference / training weekend.

WWO Durman added -

"It was great to see 3WW first conference go so well. I must offer a big thank you to Mike, Jane, Ian and Ann. I could not have got the weekend together without their help. I would also like to thank all those who attended; hopefully next time we hold a conference more SNCO's will be able to attend."

  Look out for all forthcoming changes in Wing Routine Orders.

SNCO's in attendance:-

WWO - Shaw Durman (2426), WO - Mike Davies (621), Flt Sgt - Ian Holt (360), Sgt - Ann Brady (2227), Sgt - Jane Sanders (621), Sgt Adam Burman (2426), Sgt - Chris Evans (1054), Sgt - Phil Walker (2420), Sgt - Kevin Gould (2117), Sgt - Tom Jenkins (1998), CI Osian Frobisher (360), CI Mark Brittle (215).

Cadets in attendance :-

CWO Liam Rose (2318), Sgt Gareth Davies (621), Cdt Scott Lewis (621).

Article and Images kindly supplied by : SGT (ATC) Adam Burman - 2426 (Pencoed) Squadron
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