334 (Neath) Squadron Reunion

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A reunion of past members of 334 (Neath) Squadron was held in the Neath RAFA club and more than 50 ex cadets and staff attended.

The event was organised by WO Roger Murphy RET, who gather everyone together to remember all things 334. The oldest member was ex Cadet Gamon (85) who joined the Squadron in the Empire Cinema, Neath in 1941.

He explained that the manager of the cinema was made a Squadron Leader and they had a bugle band of more than 30 cadets. His ten minute talk was much appreciated by his younger audience.

Pictured Left:
Keith Nicholls, Jim Herbert & Roger Murphy (all ex 334 staff)


The evening was a great success with a couple of Squadron Leaders (one retired and one still serving), a few retired Flight Lieutenants, a Flying Officer (still serving), one Warrant Officer (Roger Murphy) and a lot of ex cadets, all of whom happily shared stories of the ‘good old days’.

This was the second reunion that Roger had organised and everyone present is looking forward to the next time that the years are forgotten, the wrinkles fall away and all the grey hair returns to the colour of its youth, as they tell tales that would shock the organisation of today.

The ex cadet Gamon tells his stories of when he was 16


Overview and pictures kindly supplied by: Wg Cdr R.J. Wilson RAF VR(T) ret'd

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