334 (Neath) & 293 (Cowbridge) Sqns Visit Castlemartin Range

Visit to Castlemartin Range ________________________________________  _____________________  _______

It was a Cold December morning when Cadets from 334 (Neath) Sqn and 293 (Cowbridge) Sqn made our way to Castlemartin Range in Pembroke.

The Day had been arrange to introduce the Cadets to the modern Fighting vehicles of the British Army used on OP Herrick in Afghanistan and had been scheduled to coincide with the end of the CALFEX (Combined arms live fire Exercise).

This is the last major live fire exercise held pre deployment to Afghanistan.



Our trip started with our guide from the Live Fire Group (LFG) escorting us to the range tank park, where a selection of vehicles had been provided for the cadets to crawl over. These included 2 variants of Mastiff, Jackal’s, Coyote’s and quad bike’s.

A little while later more members of the LFG arrived and set up a Browning M2 .50 Cal machine gun and a H&K 40mm Grenade machine gun on tripods for the cadets to see and learn about.

Throughout the morning the kind staff from LFG were on hand to answer question on the vehicles, weapon systems and life on OPS. The morning culminated in a trip up the Burma Road in a Jackal armoured vehicle.


The afternoon started with a quick stop in the mess for lunch provided by our hosts, Landmarc Support Services for the cadets before a brief drive down to St Govan’s church on the south east perimeter of the range. Whilst here we took time to take pictures of the chapel and the breath-taking views from the cliffs.

Finally we all mounted up into the mini buses and headed back to the public viewing area of Castlemartin range at Warren tower for the final treat of the day. We were fortunate enough to watch a pair of AH64 Apache attack Helicopters come into land a few hundred meters from our vantage point.

334 and 293 Sqn’s were so grateful for such a fantastic day out that in early Feb, 2 cadets from 334 Sqn (Sgt Stanton and Cpl Street) returned to Castlemartin with CI Shand who arranged the trip to present Lt Col Cummins (LFG) with a Sqn plaque to say thank you. On the way they stopped at the Royal Artillery Range at Manorbier where WO Forrester a SMIG (Sgt Major Instructor Gunnery) gave them a guided tour of the range and “Banshee” (a remote control aircraft target) hangers before allowing them supervised instruction on the use of their “CADDET” ground to air missile simulator. Unfortunately Lt Col Cummins had been called away at short notice so was unable to accept the Plaque but Maj Inglis (Castlemartin camp Commandant) accepted the Plaque on his behalf.

"Look what I've found!" - Flt Lt J Thomas, OC 334 Sqn

Overview and pictures kindly supplied by: Mr Darrell Shand 334 (Neath) Squadron

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