First Class Honours & First Class Staff Promoted

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It has been a very successful time at 215 for the young Staff of the Unit - Sgt Sarah Flower (Dacre Brooch 2012) achieved a First Class Honours Degree and will now progress to a PGCE teaching degree in September.

Some of our First Class Staff have been rewarded with very worthy promotions - Heath Davies promoted to Flight Lieutenant, Chris Roberts promoted to Flight Sergeant and Lauren Kennedy and Mark Brittle promoted to Sergeant.

First Class Honours Degree for Sergeant (ATC) Sarah Flower - Dacre Brooch 2012
Promotion to Sergeant (ATC) for Lauren Kennedy

Newly promoted Flight Sergeant (ATC) Chris Roberts

Promotion to 'Flight Lieutenant' for Heath Davies

Overview and Images kindly supplied by: Sqn Ldr P Flower RAF VR(T) - Officer Commanding 215 Squadron

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