Nations Hits Awards For 215

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Sgt Kathryn Flower, Cpl Heidi James and Sergeant Camerron Tabone receiving the 'Volunteer Group Award for South Wales' from Nations Hits Radio.

The Squadron was awarded a cut glass trophy for their Community Work for 2012/2013.

The cadets were able to have photos taken with: Gabriella Cilmi - Australian Superstar, John Adams - ' X Factor, Lee Trundle - Swansea City, Shahine - Popstar and Big Nev from the Call Centre.

Cadets pictured with John Adams (X Factor)
215 Cadets pictured with Lee Trundle (Swansea City FC Ambassador)
Cadets with Gabriella Cilmi (Australian Superstar)
Cadets with Neville Wiltshire (Big Nev from the Call Centre) and Lee Trundle
Cadets with Shahine (Popstar)

Overview and Images kindly supplied by: Sqn Ldr P Flower RAF VR(T) - Officer Commanding 215 Squadron

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