Level 1 Qualifications For 215 Staff

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9 Staff of 215 recently qualified as Level 1 Coaches in Open Canoes, Sit in Kayaks and Sit on Kayaks.

The Unit organises a two hour training session at an indoor pool where the Cadets achieve their Basic Swimming Proficiency Certificate and also learn the basics of Kayaking. Once they have passed this course they are then able to diversify on the River Tawe.

Squadrons are invited to contact OC 215 to set up training sessions for eight Cadets - cost of the two hour training session is 75, payable to the City & County of Swansea. If you can get a pool cheaper nearer to where you are based - we will come to you!
334, 499, 1198 and 1358 are already pencilled in for Sept and Oct 2013.

The Squadron has 30 sit on kayaks and 10 open canoes to help young cadets reach their individual potential in these sporting skills.   


Overview and Images kindly supplied by: Sqn Ldr P Flower RAF VR(T) - Officer Commanding 215 Squadron

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