2117 (Kenfig Hill) Sqn Stay On The Ground For This One

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Five cadets, under the supervision of Sgt Kevin Gould ATC and Sgt Richard Peckham ATC attended St Athan on a cold and blustery April morning for a tour of Ecube facilities.  Ecube is a new company to the area who are responsible for dealing with maintenance and scrapping of passenger aircraft.  The group were informed that the aircraft are being stripped of parts for reuse by companies still operating these types of aircraft. 

The cadets and staff were shown around a Boeing 737-600 which was just 12 years old and the first parts are being removed already. 

The cadets thoroughly enjoyed the visit which was arranged by Sgt Gould ATC.  The cadets took turns to sit in the cockpit and cabin areas and they were given a close external inspection of two ex-Russian Boeing 737-500s, which look to face the same fate.


Above image L-R: Cdt Sgt Jordan Aston & Cdt FS Nathan Cooper

Overview kindly supplied by: Mrs Lindsay Thomas, 2117 Civilian Committee Secretary
Image kindly supplied by: SGT (ATC) Peckham

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