Kenfig Hill Air Cadets Annual Presentation Evening

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The evening was opened by Flt Sgt Judith Lloyd who was Master of Ceremonies.  She welcomed cadets, staff and members of the Civilian Committee. The Cadets were looking forward to finding out who had qualified in 2012 for the awards to be presented that night.

They didn’t have to wait long before they found out who the successful recipients were:  ‘Best in Academics’ Cdt Barrett, ‘Best NCO’ Cdt Cpl Aston who was following in her brothers footsteps as he was Best NCO last year, ‘Best in Sports’ Cdt Cpl Norris, ‘Certificate of Merit’ went to Cdt O’Neil and finally ‘Best Cadet’ for 2012 was Cdt Peckham.

After the awards Flt Lt Barry C Thomas, Officer Commanding, gave a speech in which he thanked the Staff, Cadets and Civilian Committee for another good year. He told the cadets that there was still time to make an impression this year in readiness for next year’s awards.

Mr Ian Aston, Chairman of the Civilian Committee, gave a short speech thanking the cadets for the work they have done this year with fund raising.

After the official part of the evening, the Staff and cadets enjoyed a BBQ with Sgt Kevin Gould (ATC) as head chef.  This was enjoyed by all there and Mrs Thomas from the Squadron Civilian Committee would like to thank Sgt Gould as he also spent the day shopping for supplies. At least they used paper plates and cups so he wasn’t chief washer upper as well.

Photo L-R:
Cdt Sgt Norris, Cdt Sgt Aston, Cdt Peckham, Cdt O’Neil, Cdt Cpl Barrett


Overview and Image kindly supplied by: Mrs Lindsay Thomas - 2117 Civilian Committee - Secretary

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